Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Priceless Ideas to do with the one you love

Several poems and love letters have been written about love. Many books, magazines, stories about love, forums have likewise been inspired by true accounts where love is the central theme. And people of different creeds, races and professional echo have different impressions about love. And with the large innovations of technology, there are many mediums to convey your love for the people we love.. By sending text messages, email, multimedia messages, love greeting cards and many other ways are still used today.

Love cards, or a book binder contains your love stories or special moments together like reminiscing your moments together and others are also fascinating couples to make them a gift. Sometimes, buying an expensive gifts do not matter so much because most people want a unique gift items.
One more important thing, giving gifts to the one you love must came from the heart. To make your love one fall in love with you all over again, do things or give things with happiness, not with fears or doubts.

It is however, if you want a techie unique gifts or other expensive gifts. I’m going to include a ball pen recorder which like a diary that you can record such events. Now that I will give you an idea, you can impress your partner by buying these stuffs that surely they can use everyday. To make your love one fall in love with you all over again, Here are such examples to make him or her happy with these unique and romantic gifts:

1. Make funny yet sweet post of your gifts.   
Including a Cheese, for example.
When you give him or her favorite foods as a gift during your monthsary, anniversary or on special days like Valentines.You can buy him Yummy Chocolate/with Flowers/A piece of card or Love letter. To make him laugh, why not include A Cheese (any kind of cheese like Eden cheese or what) Why? Because It’s simply cheesy, could mean sweet,  funny, gives you 'tickled pink feeling' gift. In our country, When we say CHEESY! It means so sweet or heart melting and also could mean shivers down one's spine. 

2. Movie Marathon -  watch consecutive movies only for the both of you while also food tripping. Preparing a simple dinner in your house with wine or champagne. How about, buy or make coupons for romantic activities? Or just ask him to watch movie out.   Enjoy moments together with some thrill or not, what important is, you are together both having a good time.



3. Personalized gifts – For example, Keychain with her name or her picture / a Mug with your picture together, an IPhone cover customized with her face/ a Pillow, Picture Frame, Necklace, cross stitch name in a handkerchief, coin purse, Personalized love wall clock, Chocolate Bouquet, etc.

to buy, click the image

4. Words of Love -
 like making Sweet Love Letters from the heart, poems, Simply saying I love you sincerely.  Read Write Love Letters here.  Joke around! Don’t be boring. And make her laugh or happy in a natural way. Say funny jokes. Entertain your Love! I bet you can! :)

5. Get the one you love to Amusement Parks -
 At the same time, ride in a Ferris Wheel. Did you know that there’s a woman from Florida who married Bruce the Skydiver, an amusement park ride similar to a Ferris-wheel. Try other amusement parks in your place. Feris Wheel gives you longer time together. To talk some stuffs and enjoy your company together.  Try new est craze in your place..

Feris wheel at Enchanted Kingdom

7. Physical Touch –
 how about give the person you love a sudden and sincere hug whispering I love you while you actually mean it not only by words but with ACTIONS. Or, make an approach by making a person feel so special, getting closer, eye contact, not showing you are upset. Do the palm to palm holding hands by being gentle touching her hand and the most sweet is to kiss her hand. Or for man, initiate holding his hand most especially if you think he is shy to do the first move.

9. Cook delicious food – Mix it up with a good music and enjoy having meal time together. After eating, share stories with each other. If you know your love one's favorite food, why not try to cook it special for him? If you are not a good cook, just practice! practice and practice! With assurance, your love one will appreciate it!

Plan Foodtrips together - Interesting part of dating while in a relationship is the food you are sharing together.  My Kind of ideal date with foodtrip is trying out every trending and unique food stalls and restaurants, visiting variety of international foods, exotic foods, seafoods that's very interesting! Dates while spending money wisely (budgeted) is fun because not only you can save for your future life together, you can also enjoy moments try something new and make you both discovering new things.  Trying out food resto together is worth the time.  And visiting classy restaurant with high prices menu is also good but not always for saving money practical lovers.

10. Show his or her picture on Social Medias Like Facebook, etc. Make a Buzfeed post, Pin her picture to share in Pinterest, anything precious ideas including things about the one you love. Accompany it by a sweet caption OR with funny title or enumeration about him/her, like this one. So funny!  See image example below:

11. Invite him to have a cup of tea time together (or coffee in a cafe)- For example: healthy green tea. You’re not just having a tea within quality time together, but you are also practicing healthy routines together. Some couples prefer drinking coffee but a green tea is much healthier. Read my article about the most healthy type of green tea and it's benefits.    If you want to grow old with him, Why not buy affordable teas that make your life longer and healthier? You can buy this healthiest green tea at Amazon.  Look at this sweet old couples drinking a cup of tea. 

The healthiest Green Tea in the World

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12. Buy him Vitamins or Supplements. It shows your care and love to your love, when you are more concern of his health. Mostly, when you know he/she needed it the most cause of his career and other tiring activities.  It's practical as well as a sincere gift than flower which cost similar to vitamins but dies after a week.  Also Read Why do we need Vitamins and Supplements? 

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13.  Travel Together. Do hiking or trekking or extreme activities that you can face together, it is good to experience those challenging activities together because after such activity, you'll get closer together thinking that you have accomplished such a difficult time working TOGETHER like as a team.   Travel on a very far place locally or international country, the tourist spots that each of you dream to go to and can afford.  Book a ticket to that place, plan itinerary, and Enjoy moment alone together or with your both fun best of friends!

Strawberry farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

14. Try Sports together.   try also ice skating, bowling, badminton, volleyball, archery any sports that is enjoyable or your own hobby sports you like that you can also share with your Boo may get you both closer more than before.  Enjoying such productive activity makes your adrenaline active and brain happy according to science so try it out! 

15.  Devote/Worship God together/Being active in Church.  Most importantly, is to put God in the center of the relationship.  Without him in it, the relationship cannot be wholly fulfilling because spiritual aspect in our life is also essential to improve while we live in this world.

Try these exciting and unique ideas to do with the one you love and experience true happiness together.

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