Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to set Google Profile Privacy Settings? Updated for 2017

 I made a post before about setting Google Profile picture from the public to private that I previously discussed from my tech blog before around the year 2014. This post is specially made to protect your privacy settings more for the active users of Google.

This video was made last 2014

Now, I'm making the post again for this year (2017) to share my thoughts regarding profile picture on Google Plus as I was also checked my images that used in my blog privacy settings whether it's public or private.

I have tested it using another account and viewed my profile that is also associated with this blog.  To my surprise, some of my photos used in blog still appeared and my profile picture is automatically on public and was easily seen on my google plus profile so I went back to my account, checked my settings and learned that you cannot change it's privacy settings the same way before but You can have a privacy checkup for your account and that is really good to know.

Image when I checked my profile using other accounts

This is the image appeared when I clicked About

 I scrolled down the About navigation page and saw my public photos

Once I navigate through the check-up, I was able to customize or choose to make my images turned to private. Able to limit the information that was shared with others before.

I went back to my account,  checked it and saw the word "Privacy Checkup So I tried it and it works effectively helped to secure my privacy settings more.

When I'm done changing my settings including Youtube videos, posts, and settings.  I went back using other account and Now my images cannot be easily seen.

 You can still manage your privacy settings through Privacy Checkup. There, you can easily organize and manage your account including your YouTube and Google plus account privacy settings for your own preferences.   WOW! Right?  Salute to Google Developers for this complete customizing for its users.

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