Saturday, August 2, 2014

10 ways to know If It's Real Love

We often ask other views about love.
One of the most Question we ask is: How do you know if it's Real Love?  
Whenever your heart beating fast every time his presence is near you, and going faster when he come near to you and maybe you feel nervous when you know he's only there doing nothing to you.

In most situation, It will pop up to your mind that he is the one for you, "the real one" for you. BUT the question is how we'll know if it's LOVE?

In LOVE,You will sometimes be confused if it's Love or Just INFATUATION.
These two feelings differ in their conditions and facts about love.

What is INFATUATION? Infatuation is when you think of a person like you are falling in love with him or her, and you are so interested in that person but that feeling is for a short period of time.

Thinking you are in love but the truth is, it is just a lust.  There is an "attraction" but it is only "sexual attraction".  That's why for other people, it's sucks because at the end, they will find out that they are completely wrong about what they feel, that love they thought for real suddenly disappear.

That infatuation stage feels like you can't wait to be with someone.
You can't wait, it means you maybe being impatient.  
Perhaps, It could be called a romantic and intense kind of love.
But i will tell you again that Infatuation, is for a short period of time only.

How about LOVE? What is LOVE?   
Love is when the one you love's happiness is more important than your own happiness.

Love is a decision to commit yourself to someone and to work your relationship even there are tall walls awaits between the both of you and conflicts, you're going to continue loving,  instead of quitting.
It's attraction and Chemistry is in a longer period of time.  

10 ways to know If It's Real Love

10. Love Is not Selfish

9. Do Believe about the best about others around him.

8. Does not "keep score" of the faults of others

7. Do not put and tear down others.

6. Is not conceited, isn't self-centered and always perseveres.

5. Is patient with others, even when they are irritating

4. Is not happy when someone else gets hurt

3. Helps out others, even if it's inconvenient.

2. Celebrates the successes of others and happy

1. Never ever give up!

Others say that love is the key to life, that love is the fuel of life and without it, life would be dreary and dull.  Some believe that love is the most powerful force in the world.  But Whatever it is, our capacity to be able to love is limitless.  It's a special gift from God that must be shared to others.
There are thousand and one ways of expressing our love, concern, care and compassion for others, from a simple warm greeting of love, hugs, to sacrificing one's life for others.

Everyday, we should share our love for others and spread good cheer not just during special occasions.

Not also just to members of your family and friends but to others whenever that there is an opportunity or time to share love that comes our way. It is not something that is scheduled and screened.  It comes from within us spontaneously.

Love is more than the mechanical act of giving and sharing. It is the human concern and empathy that makes the act of giving meaningful. In other words, you cannot give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

When all relationships, political conflicts, religious strife and other kinds of turmoil, many things fail, try solving the problem by applying the love prescription.  Love never fails.

Let’s be concerned beyond personal needs and share our blessings with other people. Because this is what life is all about by putting the love in to action.

Radical Love (Unconditional love of Jesus)

Think about it: Jesus took every opportunity to let people know what God was really like. While some opened their hearts to know God more, others were angered by what they heard. Sometimes Jesus teaching could be pretty radical. Like the time he told his crowd of followers, "Love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you. Then you will be acting like your Father in heaven."

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