Saturday, August 2, 2014

What is a Friend?

They say that, Friends are like balloons, if you let them go, you can't get them back, So you to have tied your Friend like a balloon to your heart.
So that you will never lose your Friend. We all have different views about Friends or Friendship.  

One thing is for sure, that a Good Friend is essential to life, and so does healthy relationship with them.   Do you know that there are four kinds of friends? 

There are acquaintances, casual friendships, close friendship and intimate friendships. 

We all have acquaintances, those faces that we recognize and people we greet by just their name.  

An acquaintance  person is with whom you have only occasional contact, often it is only a single contact, such as someone you met while having a vacation or who went to your house to fix your washing machine or computer.  What might happen in this kind of Friend is to see if this stage will develop if you both have time to be 'real' Friends.

Casual friendships, It happen when you keep on contacting each other.  
A "casual friendship" is based on common interests or activities. 
A casual friend may be a person at work or someone you know at a club, at church, or on a sports team.  At this level you are free to ask some kinds of specific questions based on mutual interests. Your responsibility is to try to recognize how far the Lord has progressed in our friend's life.

Close friendships are developed through sharing of interests and spending time together in certain activities. Some people in your life will be "close friends". 
A close friendship is based on mutual life goals and long-term interests.  You and your friend are beginning to see potential achievement in each other's life.  There is freedom to suggest mutual improvement projects, and your goal should be to be creative in helping your friend develop appropriate projects for spiritual advancement.

But intimate friendships are what everyone of us need.   
These are friends that stay with us no matter what. They listen to us and are genuinely interested in what is best for us. They are true, thoughtful and aren't fake.  They always tell us the truth, even if it hurts us sometimes.  But that's okay because that means they want the best for us and they are indeed interested in our well-being.   
You will not have many intimate friends, and any intimate friendship is by its nature quite intense. Some married couples are intimate friends, others are not. 

An intimate friendship is based on open honesty, discretion, and a commitment to the development of each other's character and spiritual potential. There is the freedom to discern the basic causes of character deficiencies or sin patterns and to work together for solutions.

Speaking of an Intimate Friend. She is my example of a True Friend.  
I want you all to meet her and know that she is a Gift from God.  
Her name is Tiffany :) We are 10 years friends and counting! :)

My Intimate Friend

(these are also based on my own views of having a true friend)
1. Real and Honest
2. Loving with Respect
3. You are able to trust them
4. You both know how to comfort
5. There is a Loyalty
6. You get along after arguing
7. Supportive no matter what
8. A good listener
9. Encourage you to be a better person
10. Never puts you down and lifts you up
11. Makes time for you and care always
12. Helping each other in times of need
13. Does not envy

How about you? What do you think are the qualities of a Good Friendship? 
What kind of friends do you prefer to be with? Can you share me your own views of Friends?  Another sign of a True Friend or Good Friendship aside what you have read before, is for me, A True Friend doesn't know your exact address but memorized the way/route to your house. Funny but yes it is 100 percent true.  Well, A True Friend who can know both is acceptable. 

To have time with you and to make happy moments together.     
Who are your friends? acquaintances, or intimate friend?  

In fact, Sometimes even our friends may let us down, but there is one thing that is sure--- Jesus wants to be your friend. When you accept his friendship you will never be disappointed. :D

Share me your stories and comment below. :)

Also read my views and share your own views about Love.

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