Monday, October 30, 2017

Short but Fun Call Center Training Experience

Call center class and training is truly not an easy job. Not easy in a sense that some call center representative handles calls and encountered many conflicts through which is part of every job or irate customers that is inevitable. 
Some they may call it a stressful job if you cannot really handle the calls along with the customers.   When you can put your heart in a job like this, can do the job great and you have a passion for the job while you have fun with it, you can stay longer in the job.

Main reason why I applied in a BPO Company in a Call center job, is because of three truthful reasons:  My first I.T job did not push thru (story is available below this paragraph), I want to have a work before Christmas and the good reason is I want to challenge myself if I can do the job.  There is no real wrong in trying, right?  I was also curious to know if I can handle calls along with giving of service through my communication skills.

Before I applied in a customer service.position, I became frustrated with my previous application to high paying I.T company that did not push through for the reason that is too far away from my house.  Unfortunately, during those times I was not able to live on my own or rent on a dorm near the area I was supposed to work. I did not expect that I was going to be assigned in that branch so i refused to continue my contract and happily they did understand. So that was the third strange reason. 

The most thing that helped me pursue my call center application is my determination towards enhancing my 'communication skills'.    This call center experience is my first job that I have accepted but not the first job I applied. 
You can read about how I handled the job application process in a Call Center together with ‘Call center related interview questions with Good Answers’ also available.

So being in a Call Center field was definitely my choice and I did not regret it.   
We handled a very big private company's account. This first-ever experience was where I learned to use lots of call in mobile phones as sample training such as conference call.  A conference call is a kind of mobile call which is made for talking to involve people at the same time using your phone so everyone involved can either speak or listen only to the voice call or can be both.  I've also learned Call Forwarding, Sup Call which means Supervisor Call transfer if the customer requested to talk about the problem and most important is how to build rapport with the customers.  Imperishable is the learning about our own client's mission and vision statements, likewise their Core Values.  

The most fun and memorable experience I had during my stay is the free lunch every day. Practically, we can save more money instead of buying meals during lunch so it was fun for me, I was so grateful.  Conversation skills and team playing enhancement via providing games like "I want to be a ‘tutubi(grasshopper)’’,   ‘hephep hooray’ (game first learned in Wowowee show),  tongue twisters game.  Those games unleashed my childlike side and made everyone fun and excited to work more!

Entirely, the experience of training was great and I have learned a lot from my Project Managers, Team Leads, Assistant Leaders and other Members and met a lot of different kinds of people in the industry.  First days of training, I was like really shy, silent, killjoy, boring surrounding with strangers but with the help of lessons on enhancing communication skills and training regarding building relationships with people particularly of course with customers.  I was transformed and changed in a good way and felt that my communication skills became enhanced that every day with my colleagues, we are not competing but we built a friendship.  We built a happy relationship.

I was determined to pass every exam we had until it ended when I found a more suitable job for me.  I had to say "See you again" yet "No "Goodbyes". :)  My Call Center experience is indeed unforgettable.

I've been with a Call center account management training for only a few months.  Yet still recommend aspiring applicants grab opportunities you may get most especially if with wonderful perks, shall mention not to regret in the end. But instead, be thankful for all the learnings and eureka's.  Never afraid try other things that may challenge you, be fearless and spontaneous sometimes.

On the video below, I want to share the interview questions and my answers that I uttered during the whole interview.   The type of questions I had was the common things like ‘tell me about yourself’, “where do you see yourself after 5-8 years?”  Please see below video: 

These common interview questions along with the possible answers are not mine being induced but are only a guide on what to answer on call center interview. 

Still, natural or the original answers essentially being yourself are one of the things worth to practice on a stipulated time before your interview day. 
Good luck and hope you pass to get the job offer.  My natural answers during interview helped me a lot to be who I am today.  My communication skills improved unlike as a fresh graduate before I did not know how to be vocal and communicate with other people.  So I hope my tips would be helpful to the job applicants who are reading this post for Call Center jobs, or any call center position may it be technical sales, or quality assurance.

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