This blog has multi topic about my own reviews on life, knowledge on technology, software, online trends, social media, and blog monetization.  Madspad blog shows own perspectives  and shared personal experiences that I love to share.

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The name of the Blog "MadsPad"  I have three major reasons why I choose this name of my blog and I'll start with the first reason.  Basically, some may wonder the meaning of Blog's name origin.  We all know that common definition of Mad means 'very angry'.  In fact, it is not the vibe of this blog; the contrary,  Mads meaning is "A gift from God" a Hebrew baby name.  Other than two more definitions,  MAD is the initials of my name. and the ('s) served as a possessive adjective.😁Okay, the third reason is somewhat cheesy 🤣  such a precarious reason, the MADS would be my initials in the future when I get married to the person I truly love right now.  🙏 Still, it is God's will so let's see.   Then PAD simply means a note and diary, It's not the mouse pad. LOL not  Peripheral artery disease (PAD) or for a foot. But this blog won't be a typical diary it would be a very helpful BLOG, I believe, It might hopefully. 

I write this blog not just to earn money or to be known.  Since I was a child, I love to share things and express my thoughts. I'm like an open book to my real friends, love to help the community I'm with.  Being in an internet community,  I truly want to share my knowledge, I want people to learn from my experiences such as about life, corporate world, my own perspectives to be able to inspire, help, give advise, empower other women or aspiring blogger.  I feel like I was born to empower and help people. Through this blog, I hope to achieve this kind of goal in my life. :)


Yah again, I'm MADS
I studied Information Technology from the archipelago of Philippines, Freelancer, Blogger, Researcher, Data and QA Analyst, Aspiring blogging pundit.  Right now I'm just collating blog topics and working on publishing them on my free time.

I'm a person who loves to share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge to people most especially to the youth, people who are younger than me, the less fortunate and who need my advice, I always love to learn new things new technologies and connect with other people by sharing what I have.  I want to use this blog to inspire people.

Best traits that my folks describe me?
- Genuine, Captivating, Adaptable, Honest, Loving and Reliable.

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