Sunday, October 1, 2017

Xander Ford new look and second chances

We all know that Marlou Arizala is OUT. Xander Ford is IN.  
Who is this guy anyway?  Xander Ford is a former member of Hasht5 Pinoy group member of young men,  previously known as Marlou Arizala.  
He became an online sensation because of this overflowing confidence and even some people are not convinced that he is. 

According to Rated K, where his first new appearance shared, he underwent plastic surgery to enhance and improve his self-confidence.  When asked why he has to went under the knife, he answered that it is because he wanted to change the way others see him.  Before the surgery, lots of people have guessed for his new facial feature. Some made memes still made fun of his images, invented stories that the operation is done and his face already healed even if it’s not and he is still in face treatment process.  

Several people were over excited and made fun of his possible new look circulated on FaceBook.  When the day of unveiling his face has arrived in Rated K show to reveal his new enhanced face for the very first time, there are different reactions occur.  Some became so irritated, others are fascinated and idolized him, some bashed and hated him but there are also people who liked him even more because of determined attitude.  

A few months ago, his new name has trended more and more even made it to a nationwide trend.  I was touched to the part when according to him, everything he has done is to be able to help his family who cried when the show revealed his new look.

Now, He may have claimed his desired new look, certain issues arose about his overconfidence he has shown during his TV guesting's.  
He was being called "boastful" conceited several times by some showbiz personalities acquainted with him.  

There is a recent issue about his body shaming words about Kathryn Bernardo (one of the most famous, beautiful and young Pinay celebrity) back shamed her for being bow-legged "sakang". He was allegedly the one talking in the viral video while in the cab saying “Kathryn will never be the FHM Sexiest because there is no FHM Sexiest with bandy feet.”  

After the video was being uploaded, it goes viral and the reaction of Xander Ford about this issue made him cry while denying that he is the one talking in the video.  
This has brought the social media by storm and range of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla fans “Kathniel”.

My comment about this is If you don’t want to be bullied, never bully someone most especially with some people hearing your shaming words towards other people.  

We all have flaws and I think that’s not enough to shame other people behind their back. I’m against bullying most especially related to a woman’s body because I’m also a woman.  

I know how it feels to be put down in the same manner. Bullying, Body Shaming, Hating Hard, I believe it’s about time to make it stop.  After what happened over issues, huge numbers of people still mock him, throwing foul words, curses him,  kept on bashing, hated him even more.  

I believe he (Xander Ford) still deserves a second chance to change and realized his mistakes.  Hating or being a basher of him won’t make you happier, really. It won’t make you a better person. I don’t personally hate him because I understand him. He is still young and learning. He’s only a person that commits mistakes and what important is he learned his lesson.  Instead of hating, let’s pray for him to change and realize his mistakes.  

I hope he apologizes to the public most especially to Kathryn Bernardo and stops denying own mistakes because it might have hurt lots of fans of Kathryn.  Wish he can do his work with high degree of patience from his bashers, demonstrates professionalism at work, may he live with integrity and peace. God Bless you Xander Ford!

This video shows images his old look as Marlou Arizala, images that guessed to be his new look, lookalikes, and his certain new look as Xander Ford.

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