Friday, September 29, 2017

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers Guide From Experience

When you heard the words “Call Center” first thing will come in your mind is receiving a large volume of calls or requests by a telephone.  Generally, a center that means happening in a centralized office. 

I, experienced to be in a call center industry and I must say that it is unexpectedly fun and to be in a customer service position is a challenging task.  I have learned that there are two sources or kinds of calls.  First is inbound call center which is usually run by a company to support a product or give information and hear inquiries from the customers or consumers.

The second one is outbound which is operated for marketing, loan collection or for political and charity institutions.  I was assigned to both types of work because the job description of my work include handling some billing information then have it verified with the loyal customers and receive calls from the customers assigned to me.  Before you become a call center agent, you need to pass the interview or exam.

It may be a typewriting exam that measures how efficient you type, It can be technical if you had an I.T. vocational course or was an I.T graduate or student.
There are also situational questions in the interview, versant exam and another type of mock exams differ in companies.   In my previous company, luckily I only encountered two sets of interview and typewriting exams. 

Interviews are all about my self, my three intern experience, personal pieces of information, my qualities that prove I can do the job.  For me, the key of passing the interview is my determination which caused me to practice every night before I go to sleep.  Really, practice makes perfect and helped me out. 

Here, a video below contains interview questions that are related to handling calls and how I treat other people that they relate to the job I am applying.   
These questions are: how to perceive calls as well as customers, how will you handle irate calls, etc. 

Should watch the video to know more. 
The video is very long so I divided it into two parts. Hope I can help people by sharing this video.  The first one is here:

And the second one is here:

These two call center interview questions along with the possible answers are not mine being induced but is only a guide on what to answer on call center interview. 

Still, natural or the original answers is worth to know and practiced on a stipulated time before your interview day! 
Good luck and hope you pass to get the job offer!

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